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75 MW

₽ 2,6 KWh


How to start making profit with us?

It is easy!

Step 1

Choose the device

Decide which type of the device you'd like to host and we'll calculate it's allocation cost .
Step 2

Choose the way of delivery

  • Deliver by yourself
  • By logistic services or delivery company
  • We help to ship
Step 3

Sign a contract

Provide us with your details and we'll compose the contract for you within a day
Step 4

Start to make profit

You'll become profitable right after the equipment's set up. By the way, we have a referral program too

With these efficient air flow models we built our in-hall shelf space

Cryptoreactor's brand was invented by the team of experts, who designed and build hot and cold corridors systems for large data centers.

Hot air pulled by ASICs is isolated at one point – the "reactor”, from where it is to be removed by a powerful ventilation system.

The main machine hall is always cooled to the lowest and most comfortable temperature for ASICs.

For long-shaped halls, the "big wall" model for hot and cold airstreams separation is provided

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About Us

75 MW available

54 MW are ready to use. Potentially up to 90 MW. You can easily add more devices when expanding. No worries, we have enough space and capacity!

All the territory and buildings are in our company's property

There is no 3rd party in our relationships. Cryptoreactor is the one to be responsible for all the conditions at the site. There is no landlord here, who would decide to increase the price suddenly or ask your datacenter to leave!

Highly skilled technical support team is available 24/7

Our tech team specialists have university degrees and certificates from manufacturers. Be sure, your equipment is always under the expertise of geeks experienced in running more than 10K mining devices!

The annual average temperature in the city of Bratsk is 2 degrees Celsius below zero

Take Siberia itself as an ally to cool up your devices! The air recuperation system in every hall we made provides stable conditions around the year. For sure you'd get maximum efficiency of your devices!

We accept clients from 1 device and run business only on a contract basis, absolutely legal

You are welcome to send several devices for the testing period because we understand that you have to be 100% sure in our services to increase the volume. We appreciate this way of partnership development

3 independent internet providers

We state that when your device is plugged and switched on, it will definitely be Internet connected. With 100% guarantee! We use this way of duplicating and reserving exactly as it's used for the military fighters onboard systems

Both containers and halls available

You can choose where to host at our site upon your requirements and preferences!

Annual average electricity cost is ₽ 2,6 per kWh

No comments. Try to find cheaper!

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Video tour

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Сервис нравится, ребята из тех.поддержки предупреждают о плановых отключениях электричества, отвечают быстро. Менеджер Юлия — отдельной похвалы заслуживает, т.к я до этого сотрудничал с другим хостингом, и при переходе сюда было очень много вопросов, на которые я получил подробнейшие ответы.

Уфимцев С.В., Ростов-на-Дону

I have been mining Crypto for a few years, and I only have to say good things about Cryptoreactor. Excellent customer services and prompt response. Much better price and profits than those in North America.

Fukutaro from Japan

В августе 2019 года, я приобрел 10 устройств модели Innosilicon 25 th/s и подыскивая отель, почти сразу вышел на сайт cryptoreactor.ru, но отсылать аппаратуру на почти 10.000€ в Братск я не решился и поэтому разместил в Подмосковье, о чем пожалел на второй день.

Семилетопуло Юрий Леонидович Читать отзыв полностью

I am glad to found cryptoreactor and to try it out.

Tom from Germany Читать отзыв полностью

Our Team

Irina Vereshchagina

Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Panacetskiy

Executive Director

Fedor Egorov

Chief Information Tech Officer

Nikolai Gdanov

Head of branch in Moscow

Andey Akimov

Lead Electrical Energy

Vladislav Panov

Senior Engineer

По вопросам сотрудничества, размещения оборудования для майнинга обращаться: +7 (914) 920-04-65, 8 800 775 80 85, sales@cryptoreactor.ru



Irkutsk region, Bratsk city, Zavodskaya str.14

+7 (914) 920-04-65


Cryptoreactor is a modern, reliable and secure facility for ASIC hosting and GPU mining rigs allocation of any quantity. Cryptoreactor exists in order to maximize your mining income (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)


You can host with our mining hotel any kind of existing mining devices. Here is just a short list of brands and models:

Still have questions? Leave a request or call the contact phone number - the company's manager will answer you in English and explain in detail the benefits and steps of way in.

We'd be happy to answer your questions if you are looking for a mining hotel in Russia's cities Irkutsk, Bratsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Perm, Krasnoyarsk, Udomlya, Smolensk, Lipetsk or other.

Moscow office

Rublevskoe highway, 48/1, office 309

+7 (914) 920-04-65


Irkutsk office

Friedrich Engels str.8, office 411

+7 (914) 920-04-65



8 800 775 80 85

Friedrich Engels str.8, office 411

+7 (914) 920-04-65 irkutsk@cryptoreactor.ru

Rublevskoe highway, 48/1, office 309

+7 (914) 920-04-65 moskva@cryptoreactor.ru

Irkutsk region, Bratsk city, Zavodskaya str.14

+7 (914) 920-04-65 sales@cryptoreactor.ru
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